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Helped To Generate Revenue

Helped To Generate Revenue


Creativity inspires us. We believe in wonder and craft innovative solutions for your business.

Work-Life Balance

We offer website and software development work with high-quality, high satisfaction, and low rates that none endeavors in India.


Our comprehensive web development services suite has worked wonders for our customers around the globe without compromising quality and meeting deadlines.

Our aim is to provide the best
quality of products to our valuable clients.

Mission & Vision

We have the ability to provide you a strong web existence. We have an own competitive goal set up to develop web alternatives that happen to be beyond the expectation and imagination of the client. We have innovative ideas and alternatives which often attract you in all aspects. We create a powerful web existence for your company that increases your market value.

kaashvi Tech is an established software development company enriched with the skilled and experienced teams of web developers, designer, Software engineers, technology consultants and Online Marketers that make our clients satisfied by executing the desired results.

Our team members assist you in a professional manner, analyze your web need and work accordingly. We provide all the services from custom software development to designing along with its web promotion. We follow proper strategic plans for the result-oriented work. We enable you to illustrate and target your clients so that you can simply offer them appropriate services they are seeking for.

Core Values

Dedicated Developers And Software Engineers Who Have In-Depth Understanding And Expertise In Building Customised Services And Products Just For You

Management Experts Who View All The Products And Services And Assure That You Are Provided The Best Service.

Project Managers Who Handle Your Projects And Assure That They Get Finished With Ability.

Web Developers Who Utilize Their Imaginative And Technical Skills To Create Authentic And Novel Web Designs.

Business Analysts Who Scope The Market To Ensure The Advanced And Best Services.

Sales And Marketing Professionals Who Promise Our Clients For High-Quality Services And Products With Complete Transparency.

Customer Service Agents Who Affirm To Assist You With All Your Inquiries.

We Bring Together Minds, Collectively Known As A “Mastermind” From Across Digital And Marketing Industries To Work On Your Project In Synergy.

Why Choose Us

From Idea To A Successful Product

We employ our broad knowledge of technology to offer a custom solution tailored to your distinct specifications and transform your idea into a successful product. We will then execute this solution, manage the project through to its delivery and provide continuing support as needed.

Well Thought Out Design

You will not get any programming cowboy in our organization. When a new development kicks off, we begin by drafting a software design blueprint which simply describes the aims and needs of the product. This document is evaluated with you and approved previously to any coding being commenced.


We keep our clients in the loop, not in the dark. We email a weekly project update describing time spent, progress done, issues faced and the next week’s plan so you can hold track of expenses & status at any point in time.


We follow the Agile software development methodology. This strategy allows us to respond to changes in requirements and end-user requirements quickly and cost-effectively.


We present ‘slices of the cake’ or incremental releases including new product enhancements – at weekly periods for client review. This provides you great clarity throughout the development process and delivers us the chance to enhance User Experience based on continuous feedback as development proceeds.

Low Technical Debt

Our test-driven way assures our code is always testable. It helps keep ‘technical debt’ low and achieve products of the highest quality.


We are very dedicated to each and every of our client and pride ourselves on being notably responsive. We will not make you wait when you have an urgent deadline to meet or a client needing instant help.

Software Review & Q/A

We do a peer review service for software designed and written by our own team.